Perkins Precision Developments (PPD) manufactures multi-layer dielectric thin film coated laser windows and precision optical wedges in addition to custom uncoated substrates. Because we utilize Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) coating technology, our AR coated parallel windows and wedge pairs are both durable and easy to clean. In addition, they demonstrate low losses due to absorption and scatter, as well as high damage thresholds, making them ideal for both intra-cavity or extra-cavity laser applications.
Plane parallel windows, brewster windows and matched wedge pairs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes from 2mm to > 8” in diameter and with parallelism as low as 1 arcsecond. PPD manufactures precision plano substrates in a wide range of materials including fused silica, fused quartz, infrasil, N-BK7, YAG, Silicon, SF11 and other high index glasses. 
Custom low-loss anti-reflection (AR) coatings with reflectivity less than 0.1% per surface can also be deposited on customer supplied substrates up to 4 inches in diameter. Click here to see recent LDT data for an AR coating at 1064nm.
Please send us your requests for precision laser optics and thin film coatings for critical one-off projects as well as volume OEM requirements. Or contact us for information on super-polished substrates with surface roughness less than 1Å RMS.


  • High damage threshold
  • Low absorbtion, low scatter
  • Parallelism to < 1 arcsec
  • Surface roughness to < 1Å
  • Custom marking &/or packaging
  • Prototype to OEM quantities


  • Plane parallel windows
  • Matched wedge pairs
  • Low-loss ARs to R < 0.05%
  • Super-polished surfaces
  • Pick-off windows
  • Brewster windows
  • 2mm to > 12 inches diameter


Windows Typical Best
Size 5mm-4" 2mm-12"
Surface Quality 10-5 0-0
Flatness (p-v) λ/10 λ/50
TWD λ/10 λ/50
Roughness (RMS) 2-3Å < 1Å (superpolish)
OD Tolerance +0.0/- 0.1mm +0.0/- 0.025mm
Thickness Tolerance ± 0.05mm ± 0.01mm
Clear Aperture 85% 100%
Wedge < 30 arcsec < 1 arcsec
AR Coating R < 0.2% R < 0.05%