Perkins Precision manufactures precision laser optics, thin film coatings and optical assemblies for prototype, research and OEM applications. Typical components that we offer include wedge windows, curved and plano laser mirrors, spherical lenses, right angle prisms, plate polarizers, color glass filters and beam splitter cubes.

All PPD optics and coatings are custom-built, produced in house and backed by customer service that you can rely on. Our low overhead structure and production flexibility are intentionally designed to maximize both quality and value to you, our customers. Industries and applications that we support include semi-conductor test and inspection equipment, high energy laser systems, material processing, medical instrumentation, telecommunications, aerospace, security and defense.

Ion-beam-sputtered (IBS) thin film coatings from 266nm to 3000nm are available on PPD-provided or customer-supplied substrates. IBS coatings offer environmental stability, high damage thresholds and low absorption, making them suitable for use with high-power pulsed and CW laser systems.