Perkins Precision (PPD) utilizes a variety of techniques and equipment for the testing and measurement of our precision optics & optical components. We take pride in meeting exact customer requirements and are continually upgrading and adding new equipment in order to do so.
Examples of existing metrology capabilities include spectral testing, surface roughness, mechanical testing (radius/dimensions/angles), interferometric testing (TWE/surface figure/irregularity) and environmental testing (coating adhesion/thermal cycling). For spherical surfaces, PPD has an extensive library of test plates and makes new test plates in-house for custom radii.
We welcome the challenge of developing the processes necessary to enable your custom or unusual prototype projects, including certification of and/or rework of your existing components.  That is the type of project that we built our business on!




  • Prism angles to < 1 arcsec
  • Dimensions to ± 0.01mm
  • Surface roughness to < 1Å RMS
  • Experienced technicians
  • Individual and/or batch testing
  • Additional resources available

Metrology Equipment:



  • 4th aperture Zygo GPI interferometer
  • Zygo Zegage profilometer
  • Nikon 6D collimator
  • Olympus microscope
  • Nikon Nomarski microscope
  • OSC Autocollimator
  • Heidenhain electronic indicator
  • PerkinElmer Lambda 950
  • PerkinElmer Universal Reflectance
  • Electronic spherometer
  • Ellipsometer