IBS Coatings

Perkins Precision Developments (PPD) manufactures custom IBS coated laser mirrors, beam splitters, polarizers and other precision optical components for wavelengths from 300nm to 3um. PPD utilizes Ion Beam Sputtered coating technology because it is ideal for complex spectral designs, high power Nd:YAG & fiber lasers and applications where it is critical to minimize losses from absorption and/or scatter. IBS thin films have densely packed micro-structures resulting in stable, easy to clean optics that are insensitive to environmental changes such as heat, humidity and pressure.
Common coating types include high power high reflectors (HR), multi wavelength reflectors, low-loss anti-reflection (AR), dual-band anti-reflection (DBAR), dichroic and trichroic beam splitters, output couplers, low phase shift mirrors, dispersion controlled mirrors, band-pass filters, polarizers and non-polarizing beam splitters.
We are often asked for AR coatings with damage thresholds of 20J or sometimes even 40J at 1064nm. Click here for recent results showing test data from two different thin film coating runs that withstood more than 60 J/cm2, peak fluence!
We also provide IBS thin film coatings on customer supplied substrates such as windows, lenses and turning prisms. Send us your requests for custom coatings, high energy laser mirrors & other precision laser optics and assemblies. We look forward to working with you!


  • Low scattering and low absorption (< 1.5ppm)
  • High damage thresholds (pulsed & CW)
  • High reflectivity (R > 99.99%)
  • Ultra low reflectivity (R < 0.05%)
  • Environmental stability
  • Durability (easy to clean)


  • Laser-line & Multi-band
  • Low loss AR, dual-AR & BBAR
  • Dichroic (long-pass & short-pass)
  • Polarizing Beam Splitters
  • Non-polarizing Beam Splitters
  • Output Couplers & Partial Reflectors
  • Band-pass Filters
  • IBS Coatings on CSS/CFM


Coating Typical Best
AOI 0°, 45°, 56° custom
HR Coating > 99.8% > 99.99%
AR Coating R < 0.2% R < 0.025%
Dual AR R < 0.25% R < 0.1%
Dichroic %R Rs > 99.8% Rs > 99.95%
Dichroic %T T > 95% T > 99%
Partial %R ± 1-2% ± 0.25%
Ext. Ratio Tp/ts > 750:1 > 5000:1