Fabrication Services

Perkins Precision (PPD) manufactures a broad range of high-quality, precision optics and optical substrates for Research and OEM applications using advanced fabrication techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. Our low overhead structure and production flexibility are designed to maximize both quality and value to you, the end user. We take pride in coming up with creative solutions in order to meet exact customer requirements and understand the importance of delivering optics to spec and on schedule. In addition, we treat our customers as business partners, seeking mutual successes and long-term relationships that last for years. 
PPD offers full optical capabilities from initial shaping and polishing to advanced coating and final assembly. Examples of fabrication services offered include super-polishing, curve generation, precision prisms with angles to < 1 arc second, laser rod and laser crystal end re-polishing and coating as well as in-house laser marking, optical testing, adhesive-free bonding and optical contacting.
We welcome the challenge of developing the processes necessary to enable your custom or unusual prototype projects, including modifying and/or repolishing your existing components.  We can also design and make custom packaging for shipping unique and non-standard components and assemblies using our new 3D printer!


  • Flexible production
  • Prototype to OEM quantities
  • High quality, high value
  • Superior customer service
  • Experienced technicians
  • In house design & engineering
  • Tight tolerances & angles


  • Edging &  Shaping
  • Grinding & Milling
  • Slicing & Dicing
  • Curve Generation
  • Standard Polishing
  • Super-Polishing
  • Laser Marking
  • Gluing/Bonding
  • Optical Contacting


Fabrication Typical Best
Size 5mm-4" 2mm-12"
Surface Quality 10-5 0-0
Plano Flatness (p-v) λ/10 λ/50
Spherical Flatness * λ/10 λ/20
TWD (p-v) λ/10 λ/50
Roughness (RMS) 2-3Å < 1Å (superpolish)
OD Tolerance +0.0/- 0.1mm +0.0/- 0.025mm
Thickness Tolerance ± 0.10mm ± 0.01mm
Clear Aperture 85% 100%
Wedge < 30 arcsec < 1 arcsec
ROC Tolerance ±0.2% or 5fr ±0.05% or 1fr
Angle Tolerance < 5 arcmin < 5 arcsec
* measured via best fit to test plate