PPD understands that you need parts delivered on time and in-spec, not just the first time but every time. We also recognize the importance of consistency from batch to batch, so you can depend on repeatedly receiving optics with the quality and specifications that you initially inspected and qualified.


PPD strives for flawless execution. That means meeting or exceeding your requirements on every part of every batch, thus saving you money by reducing time wasted with repeat inspections, rejects and returns. Our team of engineers and technicians have been manufacturing optical components for over 30 years; we take advantage of that experience by implementing efficient processes and process controls that result in high yields and minimal rework.

Customer Service

More than just buzzwords, we believe that integrity and good customer service are critical to success. PPD views our customers as partners and will work with you to develop the custom optics and coatings that you need, while best meeting the budget and lead time that you want. With a low overhead structure and flexible production schedule, we are able to maximize affordability without sacrificing performance. PPD values open and honest communication from the initial inquiry through production, shipment and receipt at your facility. And our goal is to respond to every request within 24 hours!


PPD manufactures coated and uncoated optics in sizes ranging from 2mm micro-optics to substrates > 10” in diameter. Innovative fabrication techniques complemented by a full range of shaping, grinding, polishing and coating equipment allow us to produce a wide variety of precision optics and optical assemblies. Typical components that are manufactured in-house include wedge windows, curved and plano laser mirrors, spherical lenses, beamsplitter cubes, right angle prisms, thin film plate polarizers, color glass filters and Brewster windows.


PPD also offers custom Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) coatings on customer supplied substrates. We utilize IBS coating technology which is ideal for complex spectral designs, high power lasers and applications where it is critical to minimize losses from absorption and scatter. Typical coatings include V-coat AR, dual-AR, HR, dual-HR, dichroic, trichroic, beam splitter, polarizing and dispersion controlled designs.