Beam Splitters

Perkins Precision Developments (PPD) manufactures polarizing and non-polarizing beam splitters, polarizing beam splitter cubes, dichroic laser mirrors, prism polarizers, partial reflectors and output couplers for both R&D and OEM applications. Because we utilize Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) coating technology, our beam splitters and beam splitter assemblies are environmentally stable, thus there is no spectral shift caused by either time, moisture or temperature.
As with all of our precision laser optics and optical assemblies, PPD's laser-line and broadband beam splitters and output couplers exhibit both low absorption and high damage thresholds (20J!), making them ideal for use with high energy Nd:YAG and fibers lasers as well as other high-power pulsed and CW laser systems. 
Custom dielectric beam splitter coatings and low-loss anti-reflection (AR) coatings can also be deposited on customer supplied substrates, including flats, curves and prisms. Please send us your requests for precision laser optics and thin film coatings for either prototype or volume OEM requirements.


  • High damage threshold
  • Accurate & Repeatable
  • Durable, easy to clean
  • Environmentally stable
  • Low-loss ARs to R < 0.1%
  • RoHS compliant




Beam Splitters Typical Best
Size 2mm-2" 1.5mm-6"
Surface Quality 10-5 0-0
Flatness(p-v)* λ/10 λ/50
TWD (p-v) λ/10 λ/50
Roughness (RMS) 2-3Å < 1Å (superpolish)
OD Tolerance +0.0/- 0.1mm +0.0/- 0.025mm
Thickness Tolerance ± 0.10mm ± 0.01mm
Clear Aperture 90% 100%
Wedge < 30 arcsec < 1 arcsec
Reflectivity > 99.9%  > 99.995%
AOI 0° or 45° custom
Transmission T > 95% T > 99%
AR Coating R < 0.2% R < 0.05%
* Before coating or after coating with Power removed.
Contact us for information on stress compensated coatings.