In addition to precision optical components, Perkins Precision (PPD) also offers mounted optics and optical assemblies. From cemented doublet lenses to high-power, adhesive-free beam splitter cubes to beam expanders and simple ring-mounts, we have the ability to convey the job from your idea to a finished product.
Examples of bonded and/or optically contacted assemblies include polarizing and non-polarizing beamsplitter cubes, air-spaced etalon cavities, ring-mounted lenses and windows, multi-element lens assemblies and monolithic prism assemblies.




  • Prototype to OEM quantities
  • Cemented or epoxy-free
  • Coated or uncoated surfaces
  • Flexible production
  • Superior customer service




  • Beam splitter cubes
  • Ring-mounted optics
  • Multi-element lenses
  • Opto-mechanical assembly
  • Monolithic optical assemblies
  • Gluing/bonding
  • Optical contacting